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Job search success for new grads

Congratulations to the graduates from the class of 2022! For new to career professionals (and for current students thinking about their future career prospects), the job search process can seem over-whelming and often non-productive. Often, hours spent on sending out your resume to hundreds of open “entry-level” roles results in little or no response. This process can frustrate and de-motivate even the most eager new grad. The good news is that there are jobs out there for new graduates once the job seeking process and correlating expectations are updated to reflect reality.

1. Understand the roles, companies and industries for which you are applying. Too often, I see applicants get excited about what they think a role is with no real understanding of what the role actually entails and requires. If you start with research and informational interviews about roles, companies and industries that interest you, you will have a much better understanding of your qualification level as well as how to customize your resume and outreach effectively.

2. Customize your resume, cover letters and other materials to the role. You don’t have to rewrite your resume for every job – especially when you have little or no experience. However, when possible, you should prioritize content that is relevant. For example, if you really want a job in marketing but are also applying to sales roles as a backup, don’t submit a resume with a summary that focuses on your love of marketing to a sales role.

3. LinkedIn counts. If you are applying for roles online, you should have a compelling and complete LinkedIn profile. This includes an industry-relevant headshot, a headline, and other content such as experience, education and skills. Dates, titles and duties should be similar to what is on your resume but can be more streamlined. Once your profile is complete, be bold when adding connections.

4. Networking is the secret ingredient. Hundreds to thousands of new graduates from around the world apply to entry level roles. It is not possible for recruiters to look at every resume submitted. If you are not getting responses, reach out to contacts, alumni and other hiring professionals at targeted companies to learn more and/or to bring attention to your application. Taking initiative and demonstrating effective communication are key professional skills.

Recent research shows that many new hires know at least one person at the company where they are hired. Relationships count when it comes to job searching. When possible, be bold in your pursuits to meet new people, be curious about the world of work, be active in your efforts, and be relevant in your communication. When you apply all of these pieces at the same time, you are on track for launching your career.

Robin Reshwan is a veteran executive career strategist with over 20 years of experience working with both individuals and companies, helping to connect the right talent to ideal career opportunities. After a successful fast-track career at three global recruiting companies where she launched new services and opened new offices throughout North America, she became an entrepreneur and started her own boutique firm. She is the Founder and CEO of CS Advising and CS Search & Staffing, providing services for both individuals (nationwide career coaching services) and employers (recruiting services). Robin and her team advise leaders and professionals at all levels across functions including technology, engineering, sales, marketing, accounting/finance, creative, scientific/PhD, legal, and administrative/operations. Her brands and teams have received awards for career coaching, recruiting, and social engagement. Robin holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Davis. To learn more about Robin Reshwan you can visit her profile on LinkedIn (

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