Parents and Families

Overcoming Rejection in the Internship and Job Search

Rejection in the internship and job search is a common reality people don’t often talk about. Job applicants frequently do not hear back from employers after submitting applications, leaving students feeling “ghosted” and disheartened. Knowing that rejection is normal doesn’t necessarily make the experience easier for students and recent alumni looking to enter the world of work.

Supporting Students with Career Preparation

Learn more about Aggie Launch, an initiative taking shape at our amazing Internship and Career Center (ICC). The goal is to integrate career-exploration curricula and phased professional development into every student’s pathway, whether their goal is employment or entry into a selective graduate or professional program.

Passion fuels student opportunities

When UC Davis parents connect with their passion on campus, it can spark great opportunities for students. That was the case when parent Corinne Bourdeau, a longtime advocate for sustainable food systems, learned about our new Alice Waters Institute for Edible Education, slated for UC Davis’ Aggie Square hub in Sacramento.

Utilize Your Summer to Get Ahead for Jobs and Internships

Students don’t need to have a formal internship in order to learn about career fields, make lasting connections with people in the industry, or prepare for the upcoming year. Below are some strategies to take advantage of during the next couple of months: -Make Connections -Professional Development -Prepare Now for the Upcoming Year

Launching your student's post-graduation career

If your student is graduating, congratulations! This is an exciting time, filled with pride and anticipation. However, it can also be a time of fear and loss. There are so many changes for recent graduates and families. To help, here are five things we recommend for a successful career launch!

Chancellor’s Fellows keep UC Davis strong

UC Davis is known for its outstanding faculty—and none shine brighter than our Chancellor’s Fellows, early-career professors who receive a monetary award to support their pioneering research and engage students at all levels in their discoveries. Supported in part by the Parents Fund, the Chancellor’s Fellows program strengthens UC Davis as both a research and teaching institution—to the benefit of students like yours! We are pleased to offer a link to three recent video presentations by eminent Chancellor’s Fellows.