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Summer classes provide unique learning opportunities

Students staying in Davis over the summer see a different side of the university. It’s warmer, but quieter, and students can enroll in a wide variety of summer classes during the break from the usual hustle and bustle of bicycles, buses and foot traffic. With over 700 courses offered, participating in UC Davis Summer Sessions allows students access to smaller classes and the option to pursue other opportunities during the academic year. Students can also complete a second major, fulfill a minor, or complete a lab course without having 3-4 other classes to focus on at the same time.

Chancellor’s Fellows work to preserve Chinook salmon in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

The faculty we have here at UC Davis is truly inspirational. And among the most impressive are the Chancellor’s Fellows—early career faculty members recognized for their outstanding research and who carry the chancellor’s imprimatur for five years. Chancellor’s Fellows receive a $25,000 award that helps them advance promising aspects of their current research that they couldn’t otherwise afford to pursue. Often these research projects also provide students with career-building lab experience as well.

Finishing Strong Before Heading Into Summer

The New Student Academic Services unit housed within Student Housing and Dining Services is comprised of Orientation and Residential Academics. Our team is dedicated to supporting your student's transition into and through the first year at UC Davis. There are just a few weeks left in spring quarter and your student’s summer will begin. In last month’s newsletter we discussed your student’s options for summer and factors to consider. If you or your student are still planning for summer, take a look, you might find exactly what you need.

Navigating Your Career Journey: Essential G.O.A.L.S. for UC Davis Students

For many people growing up, the goal is to attend college. It is a major milestone and a goal that can take up a lot of focus. For some, this big goal can make it hard to see past college and look ahead to the many years that will make up a career. Long and potentially varied, some might view ‘career’ as a vast unknown to be dealt with later. However, college goes by quickly, so the start of a career comes up faster than some might expect. If your students find themselves at UC Davis feeling unsure of how to work towards their career goals, here are a few ways to make their G.O.A.L.S. work for them.

Alum uses oak like a ‘spice rack’ to innovate wine industry

From Spain to California: David Llodra ’01, Ph.D. ’13, ventured halfway around the world to pursue his passion for winemaking at UC Davis. His innovative research about using oak to flavor and finish wines revolutionized the wine and spirits industry and set new standards across the globe. Today, he stays connected to UC Davis by managing annual donations of French and American oak barrels to the university and visiting campus to share his expertise as a guest lecturer.

Five Benefits of an Internship

There are a lot of exciting opportunities and urgent tasks that make up the college experience. Homework, midterms, final exams — those are obvious! But did you know that your student can greatly enrich their experience by dedicating time to an internship? Here are five benefits of an internship.

What’s the Summer Plan?

The New Student Academic Services unit housed within Student Housing and Dining Services is comprised of Orientation and Residential Academics.  Our team is dedicated to supporting your students transition into and through UC Davis.   It’s April and the weather is feeling more and more like summer in Davis.   Before you know it your student will be transitioning out of this academic year and into the summer.  This month we are focusing on what’s in store for the summer!