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Job search success for new grads

Congratulations to the graduates from the class of 2022! For new to career professionals (and for current students thinking about their future career prospects), the job search process can seem over-whelming and often non-productive. So, here are a few tips: 1. Understand the roles, companies and industries for which you are applying. Start with research and informational interviews about roles, companies and industries that interest you. 2. Customize your resume, cover letters and other materials to the role. You don’t have to rewrite your resume for every job – especially when you have little or no experience. However, when possible, you should prioritize content that is relevant. 3. LinkedIn counts. If you are applying for roles online, you should have a compelling and complete LinkedIn profile.   4. Networking is the secret ingredient. Reach out to contacts, alumni and other hiring professionals at targeted companies to learn more and/or to bring attention to your application.

Utilize Your Summer to Get Ahead for Jobs and Internships

Students don’t need to have a formal internship in order to learn about career fields, make lasting connections with people in the industry, or prepare for the upcoming year. Below are some strategies to take advantage of during the next couple of months: -Make Connections -Professional Development -Prepare Now for the Upcoming Year

What to Know About Internships

Written by Robin Reshwan, Seen on

As “Plastics” were the future to young Benjamin Braddock in the movie “The Graduate,” internships are the future for the students and new grads of today. Hiring managers consider internships important for career success, but they are also one of the best ways to explore potential careers. This brief guide to internships will help you understand what an internship is, how to find one and how they can expand your future career prospects.

5 Tips for Success as an Online Learner

Originally posted by Continuing and Professional Education on April 13, 2020

Like many of us, you may be endeavoring to use this shelter-in-place time in productive ways. Maybe you organized your home Marie Kondo style (or maybe just a closet). If you’re looking for other ways to stay productive while staying at home, then now may be the perfect time to upskill, reskill—or pivot—in your career.

Tips for Future-Proofing Your Career

Originally shared by UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education on June 22, 2020

Did you catch our “Future-Proof Your Career” Webinar Series? Hosted by career counseling expert Andrea Weiss, the series covered steps for building career resilience, networking, leveraging LinkedIn effectively, virtual interviewing and developing accomplishment statements for sharing your achievements.   

Learning from Home

Originally shared by UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education on April 03, 2020