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A First-of-its-Kind Idea

January 02, 2018
Sara Margulis ’97 runs Honeyfund, a nationwide wedding registry that specializes in honeymoon and experiential gifts, with her husband, Josh Margulis.

Learning Artful Innovation

January 02, 2018
As a student at UC Davis, Parker Lee was a drum major for the Cal Aggie Band-Uh, a head student Resident Advisor, editor of a school publication, founded a student madrigal group, delivered The Cal Aggie paper and, somewhere in between all that, he found time to get elected and serve as ASUCD President.

Our Biggest Fans

January 02, 2018
UC Davis’ 1998 men’s basketball champions reflect on this year’s historic season

Serving Her Crownmunity

December 28, 2017
The 2017 Miss Silicon Valley brings a fresh perspective to community service

Made for Each Other – And UC Davis

December 28, 2017
University of California, Davis, alumni Scott ‘84 and Suzie ’84 Havemann love to share the tale of how they fell in love and talk about the place that made it all possible.

Jim Les

December 28, 2017
Coach Jim Les has found that the athletes of UC Davis place just as much importance on success in academics and community as they do on the court.

Becky Heard

December 28, 2017
UC Davis is a family affair, and Becky Heard helps make that happen as director of Parent and Family Programs.

Sharon and Dan Davis

December 28, 2017

Although Sharon and Dan Davis had visited UC Davis before, it wasn’t until they toured with their daughter Ellen ’16 that they really fell in love with the university. Ellen felt a sense of community and belonging almost immediately, and since then, the Davis family has been discovering more about UC Davis every year. Now, they look for excuses to visit the area so they can spend more time on campus.

“In a way, we’re ambassadors for the school,” said Sharon. “We interact with young people a lot, and we’re always quick to recommend UC Davis.”

Carol and Steve Ware

December 28, 2017
The Wares have made involvement in UC Davis a family mission, taking advantage of countless opportunities and encouraging others to do the same.

A ‘Netflix Original’ Aggie

December 28, 2017
UC Davis alumnus shares what it’s like to be an executive at one of the fastest growing tech companies

Globetrotting Alumna Finds Lifelong Home

December 20, 2017

By Trevor Stewart

The brisk winds of Madison, Wisconsin blew the McGuinness family westward, as they embarked on a journey to California in 1964. Nora McGuinness Ph.D. ’84 and her late husband Arthur did not know at the time that they would find their forever home in the University of California, Davis, and the surrounding community.