Sip and Reminisce

The UC Davis Cal Aggie Alumni Association is celebrating Aggie Traditions with this year’s Alumni Wine Collection. To honor two of the longstanding traditions of UC Davis, Picnic Day and Pajamarino, the Alumni Wine Program partnered with Bucher Wines and brick & mortar wines to create a perfect wine pairing to enjoy with friends, family and fellow Aggies. The Picnic Day Pinot Noir is sold out, but there’s still time to get your hands on the delightful Pajamarino Chardonnay, by brick & mortar.

Eight years ago, brick & mortar wines was born –– Matt Iaconis worked day and night to produce the first year’s wine. Until now, he was the only full-time brick & mortar employee. His new full-time “employee” is his wife, Alexis, who recently left her position as sommelier for Napa Valley’s Michelin three star restaurant, The Restaurant at Meadowood. Matt will be able to focus more on the cellar, while Alexis handles marketing and sales –– while also preparing to take the Master Sommelier Exam.

This dynamic duo at brick & mortar are proud to be a part of the Alumni Wine Program. Grab a bottle of their Pajamarino Chardonnay before it sells out.

Want to learn a little about Chardonnay? Watch the 1-Minute Wine video!

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