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Keeping in communication with your student: encouraging dialogue around academic support

The New Student Academic Services unit housed within Student Housing and Dining Services is comprised of Orientation and Residential Academics.  Our team is dedicated to supporting your students transition into and through UC Davis.  We know this isn’t only a MONUMENTAL transition for your student but for you too! It can be hard to adjust to this new “normal” as you go through this transition.   

You may want to know more about how things are going for your student academically, but you might not be sure what to ask.  Or when you do ask, you are met with one-word answers from your student. You are a partner in your student’s success and if you find yourself unsure of what to ask your student or what they might be experiencing, we’ve got you!   

This is the first part of a series where we will highlight part of the academic transition your student might be experiencing and questions you can ask your student to help support them through this transition. This month we will focus on Academic Rigor and Support. 

The academic rigor at UC Davis is significant and students who are used to doing very well academically find themselves struggling for the first time.  Not only is the academic rigor increased, but they are adjusting to the fast pace of the quarter system and larger class sizes.  Since this is new to them, sometimes they find it hard to ask for help or admit they are struggling because they feel like they must be the only one.  We assure you, this is very normal, and they aren’t the only one.   However, it is essential for students to be honest with themselves when they start to struggle so that they can be proactive and get the support they need to be successful in their education. 

If you and your student are open to conversations about academics, we encourage you to check in with them.  Below are some questions you can ask them to get a sense of how they are doing, and to show your support. 

  • How have you been adjusting to the quarter system? 
  • How have you changed your study habits to adapt to college? 
  • What challenges are you facing? 
  • How did you feel about your first exam? 
  • What academic resources have you found that are helping you adapt academically to UC Davis? 

UC Davis has many academic support resources available for students.  If your student needs assistance and lives in the residence halls or The Green, they should connect with their Residential Academic Peer Mentor.  Peer Mentors are trained on the academic resources at UC Davis and to connect students with the best resource to help with their needs.  We are here to help your student succeed! 

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