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Being a Real Parent in a Virtual World 

For Parents by Parents

By Tami Kacevas, Parent and Family Council

Virtual…. That is the most common word in our home right now. My daughter is spending her senior year at UC Davis learning from professors on Zoom, having virtual classmates, living a virtual social life, and most likely her graduation will also be virtual. For those of us who have our children living miles away from us, it is even more of a challenge to try and find creative ways to support them and encourage them. Luckily, we live in a world where “virtual” is possible.  

I feel lucky to have both our students back at home, but their social life has been the hardest part of this shelter-at-home time. I would like to share with you some of my family’s ways to keep our ourselves sane.  

The CEO Way- We Check Emotions Often, offering constant support and paying attention to each other’s mood change. We surprise our two daughters with socially distanced meetings with friends, go on family walks, and respect their online time with friends. If needed, we are comforted to know that UC Davis also offers Online Counseling Services.  

The JEDI Way- Just Enjoy Dining In: We try to maintain a normal life, but nothing about our new life is normal. We do anything just to keep our social and family time alive: Zoom or Netflix Movie nights with friends, cookouts, and online game nights.  

The 60’s Way- PEACE AND LOVE: We help our children relax, in any way possible, letting them know we are there for them, constantly reminding them how much we love them.  

As parents we need to give ourselves credit for the extra time, we are giving our children and trying our best during these hard times. We must find time to nurture ourselves to keep our minds clear and healthy to be able to support our families however they may need it. And staying positive has been our family’s main goal.  

We are all in this together and our Aggie parents, families, students, faculty, and staff are going to pull through these unusual times, to a better and happier future. I know we will.  

If you are one of the many families coping with grief for lost loved ones, lost jobs, or any other of the many losses 2020 has brought, please accept our wishes for healing and comfort this season. Know that UC Davis offers many resources to support your student at the links below.  

Happy Holidays everyone!!! Let’s make 2021 a year full of good memories.  

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