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Are you looking for some recipe inspiration? Missing the Coffee House or want to be transported back to the Dining Commons? Download the 2020-2021 UC Davis Cookbook.

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With 47 recipes submitted by the UC Davis community, something is sure to hit the spot, whether for drinks, appetizers, mains, or desserts. Cookbook contributors include alumni from all generations, staff, and community members. Pay special attention to campus submitted recipes contributed by the ASUCD Coffee House (CoHo) and Student Housing & Dining Services (SHDS) as well as wine parings submitted by the Aggies Uncorked Wine Club. 

  • The Coffee House (or “CoHo”) was established in 1968 by the Associated Students of the University of California at Davis. Originally located in East Hall, it was founded with the concept of creating a small eatery that would provide high quality food and offer an environment where students could relax between classes. The ASUCD Coffee House has been providing some of the most inexpensive and nutritious food on campus for the last 40+ years, and continues to do so for more than 7,000 customers daily (numbers based on pre-pandemic volume, however, if you are in the Davis Area you can still order CoHo food to-go!). Try to recreate some of your favorite CoHo Dishes at home:
    • [pages 25-26] Creamy Tomato Feta 
    • [pages 55-56] Rustic Tortilla and Black Bean Casserole
    • [pages 57-58] Chicken Tetrazzini 
    • [pages 59-60] Sopa Azteca
    • [pages 98-99] Ecstasy Bars 
  • Student Housing and Dining Services (SHDS) operates the Dining Commons, catering, and restaurants on campus. The dining commons (DCs) are the locations in the residence halls where meals are prepared and served. There are three dining commons facilities at UC Davis, one in each residence hall area (Segundo, Tercero and Cuarto; did you have a favorite DC?). Olive and Vine is the campus catering service. Latitude is a newly opened (in 2020) globally themed restaurant and market. SHDS also operates The Gunrock and Spokes Grill in the Silo. Last but not least, they also operate Scrubs Cafe located in the VetMed corner of campus. Many of these locations are doing to-go food as well however sure to check out their recipes for you to make at home, all of which are chef's favorites at each of their dining locations:
    • [pages 61-62] Beyond Bulgogi Burger 
    • [pages 63-64] Peruvian Chicken ‘Plancha’ Style
    • [pages 65-66] Roasted Tomato Sauce featuring Local Tomatoes and Basil 
    • [pages 67-68] Pan-seared Chicken with Fingerling Potatoes and Sautéed Kale
    • [pages 69-70] Plum Tofu over Steamed Jasmine Rice
    • [pages 71-72] Chicken Pesto Pasta 
    • [pages 73-74] Baja Style Fish Tacos 
    • [pages 75-76] Tapado Costeño 
  • Aggies Uncorked is the official Aggie wine club! Aggies Uncorked celebrates the 100+ year impact your fellow Aggies have had in the wine industry. Each release will feature hand-crafted wines produced by wineries with a UC Davis connection. This is a special CAAA member benefit, if you're not a member of CAAA, learn more about membership here. Mary Jo Ford, sommelier and wine guru, has done the work to identify some wining wine pairings with some recipes from the cookbook. She also suggests some UC Davis Alumni Wines to try on pages 3-6. 

Thank you to all of the contributors! Some recipes may have been edited for brevity and some contributions were unable to be include due to demand. Food is something that connects us all; we appreciate you sharing with your fellow Aggies. 

Name Major and Class Year / Affiliation  [Page Number] Dish
Isaac Nunez  Chemistry 2019 [7-8] Triple-M (Margarita-Mule-Mojito)
Julie Osborn Garner Italian '94 [9-10] Good Times Glow-wine
Amy Phuong Psychology 2007 [11-12] Coca-Cola Chicken Wings
Yini Casibang Human Development, 2016 [13-14] Asparagus Tart
Jennifer Kong DVM 1994 [15-16] Sun Dried Tomato and Olive Tapenade
Mary Harrison Bressi Spanish, 1982 (as Mary Harrison) [17-18] Flatbread Variations
Mary Jo Ford Alumni & Affiliate Relations Staff  [19-20] Stuffed Mushrooms
Sarah Marshall English, 2014 [21-22] Latkes
Juliane Crowley Staff [23-24] The Fluffiest Baking Powder Biscuits
Kevin Locke Biochemistry 1983 [27-28] Aggie Oats
Erin Laverone Exercise Biology [29-30] Turkey Meatloaf
Kevin Locke Biochemistry 1983 [31-32] Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
Shannon Albers Horticulture and Agronomy, 2012 [33-34] Best Banana Bread Ever
James G Wright Poli Sci '68 Law '71 [35-36] Lazy Oven Stew
Karen Green History 1963 [37-38] Easy Chicken Divan
Benjamin Richard Wang MD Biochemistry and Molecular Cellular Biology, 2005 [39-40] Scientifically the Best Steamed Egg
Juliana Nedd Psychology 1974 [41-42] Sweet Crustless Onion Pie
Lauren Ginn Food Science & Technology, 2012 [43-44] Roasted Apple & Butternut Squash Soup
Rudy Ham-Zhu 2007 [45-46] Chicken with Ginger Scallion Sauce
Brenda Hensley Mathematics, BS, 1993 [47-48] Slow Cooker Balsamic Beef Short
Karen Matsen Dowds Animal Science 1977, Veterinary Medicine 1981 [49-50] Comfort Chicken and Noodles
Stephanie Kwan Food Science and Technology, 2014 [51-52] Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza
Shehzad Lokhandwalla Computer Science 2015 [53-54] Butter Chicken
Judith E. Moores Wife of Former Faculty Member [79-80] Chocolate Mousse Cake
David B. Miller Mathematics BS 1969 PhD 1974 [81-82] Cookie and Oreo Brownies
Michael Kent DVM 1997 [83-84] Muffiny Blueberries
Kathleen Heap International Relations 1981 [85-86] Best-Ever English Yogurt Scones
Ruth Dickover Biological Sciences '86 (BS) and Microbiology '91 (PhD) [87-88] Unbelievable Orange Cake
Sara Winger Art Studio 1982 [89-90] Peanut Butter and Chocolate Squares
Wincy Yu 2017 Alumni [91-92] Matcha Butter Cookies
Jadey Monique Gonzalez Food Science and Technology - 2014 [93-94] Chocolate Chip Cookies
Karen Matsen Dowds Animal Science 1977, Veterinary Medicine 1981 [95-96] Mom’s Delicious Blonde Brownies
Ryan Coates Communication & Psychology BA '09 [97-98] William’s Walnut Pie

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