Financial Support

  • What are my student's options for financial aid?
  • Financial Aid

    1100 Dutton Hall
    530-754-6073 (TTY)

    The Financial Aid Office provides financial assistance in the form of scholarships. loans, grants and Work-Study employment. To apply, students are required to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

    Financial Aid Online — Students may use this online awards website to check the status of their financial aid awards and accept or decline awards. The system indicates if a student needs to obtain and complete any documents before funds can be disbursed.

    Computer Purchase Program — In keeping with the UC Davis Computer Ownership Guidelines, the Financial Aid Office can provide additional assistance for financial aid recipients who require additional funding to purchase a computer. Through the Computer Purchase Program, students may receive up to $2,500 once during their academic career to purchase a computer.

    Work-Study — The Federal Work-Study program allows students to earn part of their support through part-time employment and gain valuable work experience. Because a portion of an eligible student’s wages are paid by the federal government, Work-Study offers an incentive to employers. To apply, students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Postings for jobs eligible for Work-Study are available online.

    Short-Term Loans — These short-term loans are designed to meet temporary or emergency financial needs of students, are interest free and must be repaid within 30 days. Loan funds are provided by UC Davis alumni, the Associated Students of UC Davis, the Cal Aggie Foundation, the Regents of the University of California and private donors.

  • I have a question about tuition bills and fees. Where do I go?
  • Cashier's Office

    We know you have a lot of questions about the cost of college at UC Davis. Here is an easy-to-understand video that helps breakdown tuition, fees and other expenses at UC Davis.

    1200 Dutton Hall

    The Cashier’s Office accepts the following methods of payment for fees and charges: e-payments through MyBill, check, bank draft, money order and cash. Discover credit cards can be used with a $12 transaction fee. Payment by check should be made payable to "UC Regents" and mailed to:

    Cashier’s Office University of California,
    Davis PO Box 989062
    West Sacramento, CA 95798-9062

    Payment by cash must be made in person at the Cashier’s Office in Dutton Hall. Any non-cash payments may also be placed in the Cashier’s night drop box outside Dutton Hall.

    Student Accounting

    2100 Dutton Hall (530) 752-3646

    Student Accounting oversees fees, billing and payment as well as loan collection.

    Billing Statements — At UC Davis, billing statements are provided electronically on about the 22nd day of each month. No paper statements are created for enrolled students. Once available, statements can be viewed by students at MyBill. Students can share access to their online statements by creating "authorized users." Students and their authorized users are sent an e-mail notification when a new bill is posted.

    Registration Fee Deferred Payment Plan — This installment plan gives students an opportunity to pay their quarterly registration fees in three monthly payments. Students self-enroll through their SisWeb account, and parents can download a form and pay by check. Deadlines apply.

    Direct Deposit for Overpayments — Students may have refunds for overpayments deposited directly to their bank accounts. These payments could result from financial aid, stipends or any other student account credit balances. Students who enroll for direct deposit will receive e-mail notification of any deposit activity.

    Student Information Systems

    Students may use the Student Information System for viewing their account and financial aid status in addition to enrolling in classes, adjusting their class schedule, printing an unofficial academic record, updating their address and much more.

  • Where can my student go to look for a job?
  • Student Employment Center

    1210 Dutton Hall (530) 752-0520

    The Student Employment Center advertises on- and off-campus student employment opportunities. Full-time, part-time and temporary jobs are available throughout the calendar year, with new listings posted daily. Registered students may access employment opportunities from their own computers or through those at the Center. In the spring, the center organizes the Summer Job Fair, at which undergraduates can meet with on- and off-campus employers offering full- and part-time summer work.

  • Are scholarships available for my student?
  • Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards

    Dutton Hall (530) 752-2804

    UC Davis recognizes outstanding students with scholarships awarded on the basis of academic excellence and exceptional promise. The Scholarship Office administers about 2,000 undergraduate scholarships. In addition to academic records, items reviewed during the selection process may include letters of recommendation, test scores and a personal essay stating the student’s goals and objectives. Some awards are limited to students in specific majors or colleges, from a certain geographical area, of a particular class standing or with demonstrated financial need. Lists of scholarships from UC Davis and other organizations are available online.

  • Help! My student needs short-term aid due to a financial crisis.
  • Student Emergency Relief Aid

    The Student Emergency Relief Aid (SERA) program, formerly known as We Are Aggie Pride, awards short-term funds to students facing financial emergencies. These funds help offset setbacks that would interfere with a student’s ability to stay in school.

    Since 2011 the program has helped over 100 students stay in school through emergency situations, helped hundreds of students pay for their books at the UC Davis Bookstore, and helped several students afford their cap and gown for graduation.

  • Where can my student go to report a violation of campus policy (non police or emergency related)?
  • Student Judicial Affairs

    3200 Dutton Hall (530) 752-1128

    Student Judicial Affairs supports the standards of the campus by responding to alleged violations of university policies or campus regulations. The office coordinates the informal resolution process and provides information and assistance about how to file formal complaints of alleged unfair policies or practices, arbitrary treatment, and discrimination or harassment. The office can help with conflict resolution and provide interpretations of university policies and regulations.

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