The words "diversity digest" in gold over a tie-dye background featuring purple and blue.

UC Davis Diversity Digest

The CASE Award winning Affinity Network Diversity Digest showcases alumni affinity network programming and campus programming. Find insight from alumni leaders, upcoming events, how to support student success through scholarships and ways to contribute for the betterment of all Aggies.

Inspired from the UCLA Diversity Digest developed by Patricia Châu Nguyễn, M.Ed. and the team at UCLA's alumni association, and the UC Davis Health Improving OUTcomes blog, the Affinity Network Diversity Digest was developed in 2020 by Paul David Terry '01 to connect across affinities and collectively showcase accomplishments, events, and opportunities for support and life-long learning. The publication includes articles by alumni to celebrate multicultural perspectives and bring forth the UC Davis Principles of Community.