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Aggies are everywhere, across the state, the country, and the world. Through the Cal Aggie Alumni Association, the Student Alumni Association, and the Aggie Parent and Family Association, Aggies stay connected to UC Davis and to each other. There are so many ways to tap into this Aggie Network! Check out some of these ways in the tabs on the left.

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There are Aggie communities all over the globe; take a look at where to find a chapter in your region. Just because you aren't in Davis doesn't mean you can't be part of the worldwide Aggie network!

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Whether it’s serving on the board of a local chapter or advising students on their career futures, your service makes a difference! Take a look at some of the things that your time can do for UC Davis.

Give Back

By contributing to a CAAA scholarship, the UC Davis Annual Fund or the college or school from which you graduated, your donations can help advance the UC Davis mission of educating, innovating, and excelling in every field in the U.S. and throughout the world.

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Learn the latest news of what our alumni, students, parents, and faculty are doing with their Aggie Pride!

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We send out a lot of information through social media and email, including event details, university news, and our activities across the country and the world. Stay up to date on all the exciting things happening for UC Davis!

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Complete Your Aggie Traditions

There are so many things that make up the UC Davis experience, and that experience is unique for everyone. But there are some traditions that are near and dear to our hearts, and we challenge everyone to complete all 50 Aggie Traditions!