Mindfulness Crafts - Origami

Create a transforming star, a ninja star, or a pinwheel

Event Date

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Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention by intentionally focusing on the present moment.  Let's share 30-50 minutes of focused energy on creating shapes.  Origami can be a great practice to help the mind relax and unwind and, we know you deserve a break! 

In this session, led by Nancy Wong '05, we will create a transforming star, ninja star, and/or a pinwheel.  Each design is a different level of difficulty and we will poll at the beginning of the event to choose the crowd favorite to try.  The inspiration for this set of modules is the change we have experienced in a year.  These shapes represent shifting movement and versatility.  You can choose to create just one or follow along for all three in our time together. These shapes are also easy enough the whole family can join in.
Supplies to bring before the event:

  • Transforming Star: 8 sheets of paper suggested paper size 6x6 inches
  • Ninja Star: 2 sheets of paper suggested paper size 6x6 inches
  • Pinwheel: 1 sheet of paper suggested paper size 6x6 inches

    ***Suggested sizes are for ease of folding; you can use what size is most comfortable or based on available supplies.  Paper weight should not exceed 20lbs weight for ease of making creases. You can upcycle paper you have like scrap print paper, magazine, calendars, and gift wrap paper.


How does Origami help us be more mindful? Giving your hands a moment to feel texture and your eyes to take in colorful printed paper will bring you joy through creation.  Everyone can learn to do origami and because all you need is a piece of paper it can be practiced anywhere when you want.  If you are one of those that needs to stay productive constantly and can't seem to sit still this is the perfect activity for you.  Origami can absorb your attention and take you away from stress.