M.D., M.P.H., or Both? Career Pathways to the Diverse and Impactful World of Healthcare and Public Health

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This session is tailored for individuals considering careers in medicine, public health, or a combination of both. Our expert panel, comprising professionals with M.D., M.P.H., and dual degrees, will discuss the unique opportunities and challenges each path offers. They'll share insights into how these roles differ, intersect, and contribute to the broader health landscape. Topics will include career trajectories, the impact of each degree on career options, and advice on choosing the right path.

Register to join the live session on July 24th at 12 PM (Pacific Time). This session is part of the UC Alumni Career Network series. 

About the UC Alumni Career Network: The UC Alumni Career Network is a high-impact, programmatic series designed to provide UC alumni and community members with the insights, information, and connections to launch, grow and expand your career opportunities.


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