The Great Resignation

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The “Great Resignation” can mean a lot of things, from an exodus of exhausted employers from the workforce, to a widespread ideological movement of adults away from jobs they find meaningless, problematic, or inflexible, and into something yet unclear. This phenomenon is impacting every sector and level of talent. For the first time since the 1960’s workers rights are finally being taken seriously.

Our featured speaker, Enrique Lopezlira, PhD, Director of the Low-Wage Work program at the UC Berkeley Labor Center provides his insights on

  • a look at the drivers of the "great resignation"
  • a discussion of skills needed to organize in response to inequitable practice
  • a look at legal & political instruments that are relevant for our audience to be informed about in relation to work
  • a look at remarkable companies that have pursued worker-centered practices in their workplaces

Dr. Lopezlira has been featured on CNN, Mother Jones, NPR, Washington Post and more.

Register below to join the session on Tuesday, April 12th, noon (Pacific Time). 


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