April BrainFood Talk with Dr. Kathryn G. Dewey

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530 Alumni Ln. Davis, CA. 95616

A ‘good news’ Story About Preventing Child Malnutrition in Lower-Income Countries: a journey from research to implementation


Frequent media images of malnourished children give the impression of a never-ending tragedy. But child malnutrition can be prevented. This talk will describe how UC Davis researchers tackled the problem, starting with research to understand key challenges and develop potential solutions, then conducting numerous randomized trials in Africa and South Asia, and finally partnering with global organizations such as UNICEF to scale-up a successful intervention recently described as a “Best Bet” for global impact.

Kathryn Dewey is Distinguished Professor Emerita of Nutrition at UC Davis. She was a co-founder of the UC Davis Program in International Nutrition in 1987 (now the Institute for Global Nutrition) and served as its Director from 2007 to 2018. Her focus is maternal and child nutrition in vulnerable populations.

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