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Call for nominations for the CAAA Board of Directors

Nominations are open!  Your UC Davis Cal Aggie Alumni Association Board of Directors is recruiting for new members, with a term starting in July of 2021.  While we know there are many things we are all juggling in new ways these days, we would like to share with you a bit about our board that you may find of interest.

In 2019-20, our alumni Board of Directors was composed one-third people of color, one-third individuals who identified as female, and all who represented a broad spectrum of campus programs.  Professionally, they are health practitioners, education advocates, retirees and non-profit experts.  In short: they do it all!  Our board is involved, not only with UC Davis, but also with the communities in which they live.  But, all came to the board with an appreciation for the experiences they had while at UC Davis and a desire to help our alumni community make a greater impact for current and future students and alumni.

In short: they represent you.

As we look to recruit for the next cohort of members of our Alumni Association Board of Directors, we hope that you will consider submitting a nomination (and yes, self-nominations are accepted) for someone who can help us shape how we - more than 260,000 Aggie alumni can make UC Davis stronger for those that come after us.  Help us to impact now and pay it forward.

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