Darjean Jones Wines

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Darjean Jones award winning wines are spirited, adventurous and possess a charisma that will seduce wine lovers of all kinds. We are a small family owned winery specializing in boutique wines from California’s most acclaimed growing regions. The objective at Darjean Jones is to produce wine that imbibes the essence of the quintessential California vintage with a uniqueness of character only achieved through artisanal winemaking. Our boutique wines are produced in small lots with epic intention… “joie de vivre,” joy of living!

As a Louisiana native and first generation African-American winemaker, the love of good food and drink is coded in my DNA. It is as much a part of my winemaking journey as my early experiences in Napa Valley as a plant pathologist working on diseases of wine grapes. . Although my focus in the early years was on the plant diseases that affected wine grapes, I later developed a new kinship with winemaking.

Aggies Uncorked Wine Club: Spring 2021

Alum: Dawna Darjean, owner/winemaker & Patrick Saboe, winemaker

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