Birdhorse Wines

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Birdhorse represents a vision for the future of California winemaking, a vision anchored in a passion for diversification. We strive to showcase regions, varietals, and humans that have long had a presence in this industry, but have yet to been celebrated by many of its constituents. We are driven by intellectual curiosity, transparency, science, and data, but most importantly an ardor for delicious wines and sharing them with the wider drinking public.

The Name. Birdhorse is intended to evoke a sense of adventure and whimsey, rooted in the familiar - the same feeling we hope to express through each of our wines. It is a thing you can conjure in your mind’s eye, a faint outline, but requires an inquisitive and open mind to fill in the details. That is Birdhorse: a desire for understanding, grounded by our own experience and perception, fueled by our imagination.

Aggies Uncorked Wine Club: Spring 2021

Alum: Corinne Rich, Katie Rouse Winemakers

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