Berryessa Gap VIneyards

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The site of Berryessa Gap Vineyards lies in the gently rolling hills just east of Lake Berryessa, California. This rich land was formerly known as Coble Ranch and sits below the distinctive break in the nearby hills recognizable to locals as the Berryessa Gap. The wineries connection to the land runs deep with farming roots going back several generations. Dan Martinez, Sr., father of the owners of Berryessa Gap, was a first generation farmer of Spanish immigrants. After establishing a successful orchard business in Winters, he partnered with winemaker and wine historian Ernest Peninou in 1969 to create a grapevine rootstock nursery that would become renown in Napa and Sonoma Valley vineyards and beyond. Berryessa Gap Vineyards is connected to UC Davis Foundation Plant Sciences and the Wolfskill Experimental Station through the grapevine nursery.

Aggies Uncorked Wine Club: Fall 2021

Alum: Nicole Salengo ‘13, Winemaker

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Berryessa Gap VIneyards
15 Main Street, Winters CA
United States