Cal Aggie Marching Band Alumni Association

The Cal Aggie Marching Band Alumni Association (CAMBAA) is the alumni association of the Aggie Band (CAMB). Although the active ranks consist of about 300 regularly participating Aggie Band alumni, the official roster traces 1269 members back to 1929. The most visible function of the CAMBAA is to organize and maintain the Cal Aggie Alumni Marching Band (CAAMB) which traditionally makes appearances at UC Davis' spring Picnic Day, Homecoming, as well as periodic performances throughout the year.

The CAMBAA officially serves many other functions including providing a variety of support for CAMB alums, Aggie teams, the CAAA, the University of California and the Davis campus and community. The emphasis of alumni support is directed toward the Aggie Band. This includes everything from arranging barbecues for the undergraduate Fall Retreat, travel assistance, setting up the 'Friends of the Aggie Band Endowment Fund,' and networking to give CAMB members access to the diverse professional experience of UC Davis alumni.