One Aggie Network

Aggie alumni, students, families and friends are known for their character, generosity, intelligence, talent and loyalty to our great university. The One Aggie Network seeks to perpetuate and strengthen those bonds that connect all of us with each other and UC Davis through our three membership programs.

Cal Aggie Alumni Association (CAAA)

Cal Aggie Alumni Association membership is available to all alumni and friends of the university. Membership includes access and discounts to a variety of services, including library privileges at all 10 UC campuses, access to insurance, and discounts on hotels, restaurants and more.

Student Alumni Association (SAA)

Student Alumni Association membership is a smart choice for undergraduates. Through this membership, undergraduates can support scholarships and programs that can help them find a job after graduation. Members also receive up to a 10% bookstore discount on special days each quarter. And best of all, SAA membership will automatically convert to CAAA life membership upon graduation.

Aggie Parent and Family Association (APFA)

The Aggie Parent and Family Association (APFA) membership is for parents and families of students to learn more about their university and to stay connected with their student.

CAAA Membership is available to EVERYONE, including

  • ALUMNI - UC Davis graduates, including UC Davis Extension, and spouses of alums (joint membership options available)
  • RECENT GRADS - Join within one year of graduation and take advantage of a $300 discount off life membership
  • FRIENDS and SUPPORTERS of UC Davis - Faculty, staff, emeriti, university retirees, graduate students, non-degreed alumni and other members of the Davis community are welcome to join

Do something special for an Aggie in your life and give the gift of membership.