Robert (Robby) Flannery ’01

Robert Flannery

Robby graduated from UCD in 2001 with a B.S. in Applied Plant Biology. Robby went on to earn his Ph.D in Plant Biology at UCD in 2008. Robby not only excelled in academics, during his time as a UCD undergrad, he was the Captain of the football team and was a 2-time All-American and Academic All-American in football. In 2019, Robby was inducted into the Cal Aggie Athletic Hall of Fame.  During his time at UCD, Robby was very active in the student community and was known to dress up as “Aggie Elvis” for the Aggie Pack at the basketball games. Currently Robby is the founder and CEO of Dr. Robb Farms and lives in San Ramon, CA with his wife Tera and his two children, Ava and Joey. Robby’s wife, Tera (Cotcher) Flannery also graduated from UCD with a degree in Political Science and was Captain of the UCD Dance team for 3 years.