Maricela (Mari) Corbin ’93

Maricela Corbin

In 1993 Mari graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Sociology in Organizational Studies and Chicanx/Latinx Studies and in 1995  went on to earn her MA in Sociology. During her time at UC Davis, Mari was a part of the MECHA, C/L Graduation Planning group and worked at the Chicana/Latin Research Institute in addition to serving as an English Tutor and Teaching Assistant. Mari is the daughter of Mexican immigrants with no formal education and to the USA with her parents as a young girl and is a naturalized citizen. Mari was the first, but not the last, in her family to attend college. Currently Mari resides in Stockton, CA and is a Senior Manager for Blue Shield of California. Since graduation, Mari has been an active Alumni and has enjoyed giving back to the UC Davis community. She is a CAAA Life member, CLAA member, and served on the UCD Parent & Family Council.  Mari is not the only Aggie in the family, her daughter Arielle graduated in 2019.