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Cal Aggie Alumni Association

Cal Aggie Alumni Association

Aggie Service Award

This award honors a UC Davis graduate who, during the previous year, demonstrated exemplary Aggie pride and dedication to UC Davis through personal commitment of time and energy, volunteerism, and leadership, which had the purpose or effect of furthering the Cal Aggie Alumni Association and the University of California, Davis. Specific criteria for this award include 1) commitment of personal time and energy, 2) personal leadership and 3) service to UC Davis and the Cal Aggie Alumni Association.

The 2014 Aggie Service Award recipient is Sandi Redenbach '72, Cred '73

Redenbach ’72, Cred. ’73, a retired teacher and current national consultant who overcame a tumultuous adolescence, is awarded the Aggie Service Award for her dedication of time, energy, volunteerism and leadership in support of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association and UC Davis.

She was a teacher for more than 35 years. In 1988, she established “The Independent Learning Center, a drop out recovery, independent study high school in California, which still operates serving at-risk youth. She authored numerous articles and books on discipline, responsibility, emotional intelligence, and leadership. 

 Through her consulting and publishing firm, “Esteem Seminar Programs and ESP ‘Wise’ Publications,” she has held several workshops worldwide that focused on self-esteem and personal growth. 

Futhermore, Redenbach has made a planned gift to the School of Education that created a perpetual scholarship for students committed to improving education for those at risk of not succeeding in school and is also a financial supporter of the Mondavi Center and the UCDHS Mini-Medical School. She is also recognized for exceptional volunteer leadership and support of philanthropy at UC Davis.


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